Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Will you be there?

There are so many positive and wonderful aspects to believing on Jesus, worshiping God and looking forward to living in the presence of He who created everything. Nevertheless, with all the realities that go with the above, there is, in my life and quite likely in the lives of many, the haunting realization that someone we have loved in our lifetime may not be in heaven when we are called. I'm not one that understands the concept of purgatory or the praying or buying another's inclusion into God's heaven. It doesn't seem to be a part of the gospel preached in the word of God. I do not have the power to get myself into heaven, let alone the power to wish hard enough to put someone there. I don't believe that tithing at any amount can purchase membership for another because I truly believe salvation is not for sale. My earthly father passed away about three years ago, painfully. He was and is someone that fills my heart with love each and every time I think of him. He was wonderfully imperfect, a very good person, generous to a fault, and loving. Yet he passed away from this earth without leaving any certainty about his relationship with Jesus; and I did nothing to bring assurance that he had a relationship with God. I was consumed with sadness and fear, and I was simply not, at that time, solid in my own beliefs. I told him that God loved him. That I loved him. I was there at his side when he passed away. He is either in heaven or in the absence if God, which is my definition of hell. So I am left with a weak hope, prayers that I am not sure are valid and the wish that I will someday be able to put my arms around him and toss away the fears that he would not be there.
 Oh please, God!
The lesson is simple: share faith with those you