Thursday, April 6, 2017

knowing God

We are challenged to learn about, know and enjoy our God. Yet scriptures abound with the feeling that this is an impossible task. He is Holy, Holy, Holy, spirit, totally unlike us, despite the fact that we are 'made in His image.' We are told that His thoughts are not our thoughts and His ways are not our ways. He is eternal, pre-existent, all knowing, totally righteous and above all things. So how then are we to know Him? His creation certainly is a starting point. When we open our eyes and take in the beauty of a world that is damaged and unlike the one He created, we are struck by the absolute wonder of what we see. All creation shouts His existence and Glory. We have His word and His Word broke into our time-space in the form of a baby to succeed where we could not in forgiving sin and defeating the forces of darkness that broke our relationship with God and ruined this world. He walked this world as the perfect reflection of the Father, like Him in every God-like way. The Bible, through prophets and writers, brings us a picture of God's words and His ways. It is a living book designed for us to read and be read by. It is God speaking to us through the story of His son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Do you want to find a beginning point for really understanding in your heart who God is and what He is like? The Gospel. The wonderful undeserved gift offered up to humanity because of His love for us. He gave His beloved Son as payment for the sins we have all committed. That, is God. If you know Him in your heart, if you trust and love Him for what He has done, you DO know God. You CAN enjoy Him, always and forever. The veil has been removed. All you have to do is say, Yes, God! Praise Him!!