Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Wow.. it has been awhile!

Blogger's block! I've had it and have it. This has been a period of recent
spiritual struggles; the kind that leave me shaking my head and asking God
to strengthen me and to not let me do slippage.

I suppose all of us go through periods of time when we waiver a bit. Mine
have mostly involved trying to take back those car keys so that I can take
charge and fix things. I have allowed worry and concerns, things we all
encounter, to be too prominent and my faith and trust in the Lord to be
pushed to the back. Now that is scary and I am not comfortable with these
little changes.

This comes with these moments when I revert back to saying and thinking
negative things about people and, indeed, negative thoughts in general. I
have been down on my knees asking the Holy Spirit to kick me in the seat
of my pants to get my mind right. At least He will have a large target!

Faith comes from God; it isn't a natural way for people to operate.  I'm
not sold, to be honest, on our ability to do anything other than depend on
His Grace to build and sustain our faith. He reaches out to us, makes Himself
known through creation and His word, then plants faith into our hearts
that allows us to trust and depend upon Him.

Well, I am very glad that the Good Shepherd knows His sheep and is
capable of using that rod to straighten them out, on occasion. I am a stubborn, 
prone to wander and not too bright sheep so I need to hear His blessed
voice and lean into Him.

I'm trying and I want to succeed in bringing glory to God; it's something
that I gladly accept His glorious help with.

Praise God! (Thank You!)