Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The wolf will live with the lamb...

Isaiah 11: 6

..and a little child shall lead them.

It's an oft-misquoted scripture, but it is powerful in its implications! I love animals. The only ones I am apt to hunt are the buzzing kind that come out at dusk and drink blood. I believe that they ( not the mosquitoes) possess a lot more intelligence and awareness than most people are willing to credit.

This broken world sees animals, as well as people, in a confrontational mode. What we call the food chain, where certain animals prey upon others for food, is, I would contest, not the way things were supposed to be in this world. Sound familiar? Have you noticed that people prey on weaker people. Power and strength seem to be winning factors... until one takes a look at Jesus. 

We can agree that Jesus is the way mankind was supposed to be. He is the second and successful Adam. He delivered a knock-out punch to Satan, sin and death on the cross, a place where he steadfastly marched toward a death that would be an atonement for all and an eventual restructuring of this sin-dominated world.

He was not of this world. He did create this world. He has done sufficient work to begin a total change in the New Heaven and the New Earth to come. It is inevitable. God has come and broken the curse by being a curse.

So I have absolutely no doubt that the wolf will, in fact, cohabit ate with the lamb, that animals, as well as people, will live in harmony. That there will be sufficient bread for all God'e creatures provided, of course, by God Himself.

Be a part of this! Do not wait for tomorrow. Answer God's call and learn who King Jesus truly is. He waits because His atonement was sufficient for all who answer His beckon.

Praise our God and His precious animals!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Over, under, sideways, down....

Now you would have to be a sixties music affection ado to recognize this as the first few words of a Yardbird's song that continued...backwards, forwards, square and round.
The Yardbirds were Eric Clapton's first stop. My favorite song was Heart Full Of Soul.

This world that we live in is turned inside upon itself. It is broken and not as it was designed to be. It isn't hard to verify. Just look at the news or take a moment to reflect upon the horror that was this most recent Presidential campaign. Accusations, personal attacks, lies spoken as truths, character assassination... hopefully that will all calm down, but the world remains a broken place.

We, also, are not as we were supposed to be. We are sinful from birth, sin inherited
from circumstances in the Garden of Eden where God dwelt with His created and the first refusal to obey occurred.  The result, even for those who have chosen to believe in Jesus as the Son of God and Saviour for sinners, remains a spiritual battle between our sinful nature and the work of the Spirit to transform us into more Christ-like souls. If the Apostle Paul continued to sin and do what he should not do, one can see that it is an uphill battle, indeed.

So why would God chose to continue to wait? Why would He not have grown weary long ago and just started over? The answer is rooted in who He is. When He calls us to His son, we begin the task of learning about Him and establishing a relationship with Him. He is long-suffering and amazingly patient for He has given souls to His beloved Son and the process of bringing all of there to Him is one that has taken time and will continue to do so until every promised one is a member of the family of God.

God calls and we are responsible for accepting the call. Once that occurs, we have the hope of eventual resurrection and life eternal in the presence of God. As a thanks for this loving gift, the gift of forgiveness not deserved but freely given, we should, in my opinion, reflect God's grace in all that we say and do. We need to be dependently responsible, striving to help the spirit transform us into more Christ-like souls. We can't do it without God, but we can make every effort to help the change occur.

That's what we should be thankful for; we should take every opportunity to be salt and light and to reflect that love that God has shown to us out to others every chance we get.

Praise our God.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A saddening loss, but a reunion to come!

My precious daughter encountered news that must be so very difficult for any young mother. At the first ultrasound, she heard the news that the fetus had no heart beat. I have cried many tears for this precious young mother of one healthy infant and for the tiny child that God has chosen to take on to Heaven

Scripture has plenty of instances where it becomes very obvious that a tiny unborn child is to be taken immediately to Jesus as His child forever. This is so comforting amidst the heart aches and pain that must be endured and healed with time and faith.

As her father, I have asked God's will, His healing for her and all involved, His understanding of something really hard with which to come to grips. As I lay one evening after she had successful surgery, I had a vision/ dream that I would like to share with her and all mothers who have gone through these circumstances.

I was in heaven walking forward to greet my daughter. As I walked, I walked hand in hand with a young person who immediately recognized my daughter, for this was the child's mother on earth. There was an embrace and wondrous joy... !

Listen. There is a bond established in that womb, for however short the stay, and that bond never, ever is erased or forgotten. In all cases, there will be a reunion,  a healing, a forever
encounter of love completed. I know this to the depth of my soul because I know this Jesus. He is love, comfort and truth. He is the answer to all heartaches and sorrows.

This will happen. I will be there and I will be overjoyed!

Praise our God.