Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Over, under, sideways, down....

Now you would have to be a sixties music affection ado to recognize this as the first few words of a Yardbird's song that continued...backwards, forwards, square and round.
The Yardbirds were Eric Clapton's first stop. My favorite song was Heart Full Of Soul.

This world that we live in is turned inside upon itself. It is broken and not as it was designed to be. It isn't hard to verify. Just look at the news or take a moment to reflect upon the horror that was this most recent Presidential campaign. Accusations, personal attacks, lies spoken as truths, character assassination... hopefully that will all calm down, but the world remains a broken place.

We, also, are not as we were supposed to be. We are sinful from birth, sin inherited
from circumstances in the Garden of Eden where God dwelt with His created and the first refusal to obey occurred.  The result, even for those who have chosen to believe in Jesus as the Son of God and Saviour for sinners, remains a spiritual battle between our sinful nature and the work of the Spirit to transform us into more Christ-like souls. If the Apostle Paul continued to sin and do what he should not do, one can see that it is an uphill battle, indeed.

So why would God chose to continue to wait? Why would He not have grown weary long ago and just started over? The answer is rooted in who He is. When He calls us to His son, we begin the task of learning about Him and establishing a relationship with Him. He is long-suffering and amazingly patient for He has given souls to His beloved Son and the process of bringing all of there to Him is one that has taken time and will continue to do so until every promised one is a member of the family of God.

God calls and we are responsible for accepting the call. Once that occurs, we have the hope of eventual resurrection and life eternal in the presence of God. As a thanks for this loving gift, the gift of forgiveness not deserved but freely given, we should, in my opinion, reflect God's grace in all that we say and do. We need to be dependently responsible, striving to help the spirit transform us into more Christ-like souls. We can't do it without God, but we can make every effort to help the change occur.

That's what we should be thankful for; we should take every opportunity to be salt and light and to reflect that love that God has shown to us out to others every chance we get.

Praise our God.