Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A saddening loss, but a reunion to come!

My precious daughter encountered news that must be so very difficult for any young mother. At the first ultrasound, she heard the news that the fetus had no heart beat. I have cried many tears for this precious young mother of one healthy infant and for the tiny child that God has chosen to take on to Heaven

Scripture has plenty of instances where it becomes very obvious that a tiny unborn child is to be taken immediately to Jesus as His child forever. This is so comforting amidst the heart aches and pain that must be endured and healed with time and faith.

As her father, I have asked God's will, His healing for her and all involved, His understanding of something really hard with which to come to grips. As I lay one evening after she had successful surgery, I had a vision/ dream that I would like to share with her and all mothers who have gone through these circumstances.

I was in heaven walking forward to greet my daughter. As I walked, I walked hand in hand with a young person who immediately recognized my daughter, for this was the child's mother on earth. There was an embrace and wondrous joy... !

Listen. There is a bond established in that womb, for however short the stay, and that bond never, ever is erased or forgotten. In all cases, there will be a reunion,  a healing, a forever
encounter of love completed. I know this to the depth of my soul because I know this Jesus. He is love, comfort and truth. He is the answer to all heartaches and sorrows.

This will happen. I will be there and I will be overjoyed!

Praise our God.