Tuesday, August 20, 2013

That sovereignty thing...

The ugly truth is that sinful human beings deserve nothing from a holy God. We cannot manipulate God in prayer. We cannot expect a rich, pain-free life, as touted by the prosperity gospel. Neither can we expect to reach heaven because we are a "good person." Jesus Christ has been provided to us as the way to heaven. (John 14:6)

I borrowed the above off of the internet. I was looking for a definition of God's sovereignty. It seems to me that this sovereignty thing really brings out the defensive pride in us humans. It's really tough to think that we're not in charge. What are we servants or something? 

I, for one, have no trouble with realizing that I am NOT God! I spent some years of my life thinking that I was the one driving this life of mine. Well, that really didn't work so well, thank you. I wasn't a very careful driver.
I am pleased and blessed that God is in charge. He truly doesn't owe me any explanation for what happens because He is God; and I am not. All things work for good in His plan. It's quite honestly a relief to know
that this transcendent, all-knowing God goes out of His way to give me free will, listen to my prayers and shower me with his loving kindness...all of which I humbly recognize are not things that I have earned.

He created me and I desire to bring glory to His name. He does all the hard work; I just have the blessings of being His creation.

He is sovereign!!!