Saturday, August 31, 2013

Taps and a Whisper

In an earlier post, entitled, God Spot, I suggested that each of us has a longing and a desire
to find God. There are many perspectives on exactly how this happens, but the Bible suggests
that it is God, not us, that makes the initial move. I believe that He does this in a subtle, almost
covert way...I will call it Tapping Us On Our Shoulder.
I'm not one to argue the whole concept of predestination or election; I do feel that God reaches
out to us in His own way and His own time. Does he reach out to everyone? There's scripture
that would argue both ways. The point is that God will do what God will do! I believe that
the initial wooing, if you will, is very quiet and gentle.
When I look back, I can, at the age of 65, remember many situations where it appears that
God was tapping. Like a lot of people, I was too busy with this world and it's troubles to
identify those taps. Yet, thinking back, I'm positive that He was there, communicating. I also
believe He is persistent. It's all a part of His loving-kindness, His caring, His desire to bring
souls in. Nevertheless, He has given us the free will to accept or reject. Apparently unawareness
and rejection are separate issues.
Once God has filled that open spot in our hearts and souls, we need to get quiet and listen. His
way of "talking" to us is also very subtle. His messages are ones that require calm listening and
intense observation. To some, a voice manifests. In others, actual answers come in ways that
may not be audible, yet these messages require patient, intense listening. Whispers cannot be
heard when the heart and mind are busy. Fine tuning is a must. He's there and He's reaching
out to you! Shhhhh!