Friday, August 9, 2013

I have to say, "I'm sorry!"

Well, I've learned a lot in these past five years. Much has been things I should probably have
learned long ago. In this case: 'Better late than never' is an understatement!
I know, now, that Jesus is my Lord and Savior! I know that I didn't do anything to deserve
this; that God reached out to me, a poor sinner, through Grace and gave a gift for which there
is no equal. I know that this Gospel gift was put into plan long before God spoke things like
people into existence. I know that His absolute hatred of sin demanded the blood sacrifice of
a perfect human, without spot or blemish, to atone for sin which God cannot accept. I know
that this Jesus was aware of what was to be the end of His walk upon the earth, and even in
the hours before His arrest, when he asked if the cup could be taken away, was focused on
doing the will of the Father. I k now that He walked willingly and steadfastly into the throws
of a torturous series of events because He was the great high priest. No other was capable of
paying the ransom!
So where am I going with probably know all of this, too. You see, I am convinced
that there will soon be a day, when I will be in the presence of this savior. I am sure I will
be on my knees, and if I am permitted or able to speak, I just know that I will cry out, "I am so
very sorry!"
You see, I also know that I was one who placed this God as man onto that cross due to my
sin. I caused the pain and suffering. I caused the isolation from the Father. I caused that flow
of blood. And even though I have benefited from this grace, I carry a guilt, a sadness, a grief
when I envision those three crosses on that lonely hill.
I am so sorry, Jesus! So very very sorry!