Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Vapor Control

The Bible refers to the brevity of our lives in different ways. One is to compare
the length of our stay here to a vapor. Grass and flowers are other things used to
remind us that we are very very temporary!

So what is the impact of that limited time span? Well, it doesn't give us forever
to adopt the gospel as our redemption, Jesus as our Lord and the many blessings we receive as precious gifts given with grace.

Someone, it seems to me, that has become one with Christ and an adopted son
or daughter of our Father in Heaven, would be one who lives an appreciative
life, a life that is full of the realization that we have a purpose, a family, a
future that can only be described as amazingly wonderful. Probably wouldn't
need to read Norman Vincent Peale's Power of Positive Thinking to arise each
day with joy, perseverance and satisfaction with what we have been given
despite our natural sinful nature.

The point is simple: We're here for a short while to bring glory to God
and to live and enjoy the blessings He has provided.

It doesn't last long, and that's okay. Make the most of the days, hours and
minutes that you have. Be thankful to the max!