Tuesday, August 13, 2013

God looks like....

So many questions that we cannot answer, but that doesn't mean we cannot wonder about them.
So...What DOES God look like?
The gospel of John indicates that He is a spirit person. Jesus states (I am paraphrasing) that if we
have seen the Son, then we have seen the Father! Then we have to consider the whole "created in
our image" concept. Jesus has been described in His earthly physical self, as ordinary or at least
not standing out. It is probably true, as well, that the Jesus we see in drawings, paintings and even
movies, isn't what He really looked like incarnate. We aren't really sure what image it is that we have been created into.
Apparently, it was not a good thing to see God because it led to instant death. Moses got a peek
at God's rear side, whatever that means. God often seems to be surrounded or in the midst of smoke
and fire, pillars even. Isaiah was "undone" upon seeing God, only so be saved by coals from a
fire applied to his lips.
Well, that all doesn't leave us with much.
That leaves me with creative license, so here's what I think..

God looks like the smell of a forest in the morning after a rain,
God looks like the sound of the ocean waves washing in, in rhythm,
God looks like the touch of a baby's skin,
God looks like the taste of s'mores cooked over a campfire on a cool evening,
God looks like the feel of a warm blanket pulled up to the chin after jumping into a bed of cool sheets,
God looks like the colors of the rainbow.. make that a double,
God looks like the sound of a shell placed near your ear,
God looks like the first hint of light at dawn or the last moment at dusk,
God looks just like LOVE!

There, now you know what I think God looks like!