Monday, August 26, 2013

Again..Old Man And The Sea

Had an opportunity to return to the ocean this past week! Having grown up in central Ohio, the ocean always presented a lot of awe, when I visited. These
days, and on this trip to the Florida panhandle, that awe makes so much more

If you are a follower of Rich Mullins' music, these are familiar lines...
"Everywhere I go, I see You!" This is fully applicable to observing the ocean!

Visually, the ocean screams the following:

Power. There's so much water moving as it will.

Permanence. Never changing...staying the same. The rhythm of the waves, both
from a sound and a visual perspective, mirror the repetition of life. These
motions and movements will never cease until God almighty decides to change

Life. The ocean is teeming with life, small to large. Seemingly an endless
amount and variance of life forms, coexisting. Seems like Someone's careful
amazing plan.

Comfort. All of these things bring a sense that Someone is constant, powerful,
life-sustaining and real!

Been to the ocean, lately? Good place to see the majesty of God!