Sunday, August 4, 2013

Oh yes you do

My given name is Thomas. You will find it on my birth certificate, checks, my will, etc.
I was Tommy in my early years..that changed to Tom as I got a little more connected. If
I was called Thomas, it usually meant I was in trouble. Thomas Howard meant I needed to
begin running, very fast.
But it's really not my name at all! You see there is a name that will be called out at that
glorious moment when I enter into the house of my Lord. The great thing is that I know
that I will recognize it immediately, respond to it immediately. It's that name that was
written before the beginning of creation by God when he determined that He would grant
to me Grace and loving kindness by allowing my sins to be forgiven through the blood of
His precious son.There will be no changing of that name! I won't have to worry about
running when I hear it. What I will be doing is falling upon my knees and humbly thanking
Him, for eternity.
Oh yes, you do have such a name. Your real name. A cherished name forever!