Friday, August 16, 2013

Breaking fast the right way

Nutritionists suggest that the first meal we take in the morning is vitally important for the rest of our day. I'd like to join many others in suggesting that this first meal should be surrounded by a look at the Gospel.
Beginning the day with the Gospel works wonders for our humility. A realization of what God has provided through the death and resurrection of His son, Jesus, cannot help but start our day off with a sense of humility. Being aware not only of our sinful nature but also of the single path provided for atonement starts the day with a tone of gratefulness for receipt of something we did not deserve
nor earn.
In essence, I teach myself the Gospel message each day. It's profound but also simple in length. It's glorious and filled with the realization that God's complete rejection of sin has been accomplished through the ransom of the blood of Christ. I would suggest R. C. Sproul's short but succinct writing on the
I also have started picturing the three crosses at Calvary, visualizing the reality of what our Lord Jesus accomplished and endured in the greatest moments in the history of our world. The Cross of Jesus is the miraculous place where our sins were exchanged for the righteousness of the perfect, spotless Lamb of God.
I hope you will join me in beginning each day glorifying our God and His plan for redemption and salvation.