Monday, August 12, 2013

What's miraculous?

It's very interesting to consider what is truly a Miracle (that's with a captial M). From a Christian perspective it seems natural to limit what is called Miraculous to things like the Virgin Birth, the raising of Lazarus and others from the dead, Jesus calming the winds and walking on the water, His Resurrection,
the loaves and fish, etc.
A lot of the more everyday wonders are called miracles (that's with a small m) or not called miracles at all.
It's a bit like taking a walk somewhere quiet and observing God's creation. There are a lot of truly wonderful things happening every day around us that shout God's existence. The sky this morning, for example, had colors that no camera could ever come close to capturing. I, for one, think expanding the range of what we see as miraculous increases our appreciation of the wonders of life and focuses us in on the True Creator.
How about the birth of a baby? Some would suggest that this is "common place," and therefore, in the miracle category or perhaps not even. I would  beg to differ! Just because something amazing happens often, the shear magnificence of the event smacks of wonderment. I give the birth of a baby a capital M...every time! The fact that we get up out of bed with a heart that beats, breaths to take, eyes that see, a mind that functions (I could go on) - give me an M! The fact that God would woo us and present us with the gift of His grace, the life and death of His son,
Jesus and the gospel of salvation... MIRACLE!
I say appreciate all of the wonderment that surrounds you; it may heighten your awareness of our Sovereign God!