Thursday, October 30, 2014

Genealogy for us all

I have always been fascinated by my roots. That fascination, however,
never really blossomed into action. My middle brother, now
diseased, delved into the family tree on my father's side and
discovered that really getting serious about one's background
can be a task that is time consuming, expensive, and

We all want to know where we came from; it's one of those
core questions in our lives. In talking with my relatives, I
learned that my roots are German, English, Scottish, Dutch.....
I even had one relative state that I probably do not want to

But I have a deal for you. I can trace your roots back to the
same place mine began. We are all related to the first humans created
by God and placed in a luxurious garden of unimaginable beauty.
Unfortunately, their time there was cut short, and they were
made to leave, having changed the course of human events
in drastic ways. We, thus, have inherited from them the curse
of sin. This sinful nature is within us from birth to death. We
cannot, of our own will and effort, rise up against sin.

Well the other part of the deal is that I know who your
real Father is. Amazingly enough, He is my Father, too.
He is God the creator of all things, and that 'all things'
category includes you and me. This Father of ours loves us
despite our sinfulness, and He has provided that which
we cannot attain, forgiveness from sin. It is a provision
that came at a dear price; yet, we need only accept this
gift and believe and trust His son, Jesus Christ, the savior
of the world.

Hard to do? Expensive? NO! He is our Shepherd, our
Priest and our Redeemer. He accepts all those who seek
Him. He is waiting. He is the Truth and the Answer. He is
the God/ Man who came into the world to save all of
us who were lost.