Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Today's Homework Assignment...

Having been a teacher for all those many years makes me
yearn for just one more chance to give a homework assignment.
Are you ready?


In one paragraph, explain the Gospel to me. Now this gospel
is not the type of music that sings 'Oh Happy Day,' that would
be gospel music! It is not the first four books of the New
Testament, co-authored by Mark, Luke, etc.


No. This gospel is the Good News wrapped around the success
of Christ Jesus, the one envisioned and agreed upon before
time began. That Gospel!


It is a concept vital to the souls of us all; yet, I went sixty years
upon this earth ignorant of its purpose and meaning. That,
my readers, is really frightening.


Get out the pen and paper or fire up the tablet and write
that paragraph. Then send it to me at
or share it with a Christian friend, your pastor, anyone who
can give you some feedback.


If you don't complete this assignment, I will keep you
in during lunch recess OR... you may be like I was
and continue dangerously lacking the single most important
concept in this universe..Don't go there!


Praise God!