Thursday, October 9, 2014

Questions: THE BIG THREE

Alistair Begg, in several of his wonderful sermons, speaks of
and delineates three fundamental questions of each human
condition. They probably will not surprise anyone because
they lay at the very heart of our lives....

Who Am I?
We all have a name. We all live each day with a sense that
we are someone... yet, to many, this is an intricate question.
To the Christian, the answer seems easy: I am a child of
God, a creation of the Creator, and it is He to whom I

What Am I Doing, Here?
Now we are dealing with purpose. Many feel that they are
here to make a difference. Many work to earn a big home,
a portfolio, a retirement plan. Many seek to be famous in some
fashion, to be worthy of being remembered by others, to
leave a legacy. These things, however, are temporal and
temporary. The Christian believes that their purposes are
to bring glory to God and work to bring the message of
eternal salvation to others. Not temporary. Eternal. We are,
in fact, living lives whose every day have been mapped out
even before our lives began. We are not in control.

Where Am I Going?
The nihilist... to the grave. Those who believe in reincarnation,
to a next existence, trying to do better. To the atheist, it
matters not. We, within us, all have an awareness that we
are eternal. The question, then, can be answered in this
way: We are all going somewhere for eternity. God's living
book, the Bible, shows, through Christ's sacrifice, that
those who would believe on Him are going to an eternal
home in the very presence of God. The other horrific
option is clearly to live an eternity in a place devoid of
God, a place apart from the new heaven and the new

So.....  here's the Good News. Christ does not turn
any away who seek Him. You must offer your life, quit
being in charge, trust and let God grant you faith. Hard
to do? No. Swallow your pride, get down on your
knees and answer those three questions immediately!

Praise God!