Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Be aware of your "use by" date!

We are, all of us, Christian or non, born with a 'use by' date. We
don't have any bargaining power when it comes to the end of
our brief stay here on this planet. Unless we purposely make
our own exit, something I would never encourage, we will come
to an final due date.


Those who are Christians, who are re-born into Christ through
faith and grace, are well aware of this end. Others may see
an end point as random, fate-driven, haphazard... not something
planned by a God who is sovereign, in complete control.


My point, here, is that our lives here are as a vapor, here one
day and then gone. While it is important to make plans for
those we leave behind, we ought to bear in mind our own
future. Within all of us, whether we want to admit to it or
not, is the fundamental realization that we are eternal. Oh
our atheist friends, our nihilistic friends and others will claim
that it does not matter, that they do not care. They know,
nonetheless, that this is a self-deceptive lie.


It really comes down in the end to where each of us will
spend eternity. Deny the living God, deny the Lord Jesus
Christ, deny the salvation offered to all who are deserving
only of God's wrath, and one sentences himself to a
never changing existence without the presence of God.
The descriptions of such a choice are very troubling.

I would assert that each created understands this. One
cannot fool oneself without sinful pride and the help of the
Evil One. 

Just be careful! Your terminal breath can come
suddenly; that last moment may be too late, even for a
God who was willing to give His beloved son to die for
each of His created.


Wise up, kneel down and ask Jesus into your hearts while
you still can! Why not do it right now!!!