Saturday, October 18, 2014

So WHO killed Jesus?

Who killed Jesus?
To bring about the atonement, Christ Jesus had to be a
sacrifice for those He would save. This was a part of the
covenant agreement made among the persons of the
Trinity before the very dawn of creation. But when we picture
the very God of the universe hanging there brutalized on
the cross, we want to cast blame. The answer to the
question is most humbling.

The Jewish Leaders killed Jesus. They were looking for the
Messiah foretold in scripture, a king who would bring a
triumphant end to Roman rule and set things right. This
Jesus did not fit the mold, so to speak. He challenged their
legalism and hung out with the wrong people. They feared
His growing popularity and, therefore, handed Him over
to be crucified.

The Romans killed Jesus. Though they did not invent it,
the Romans were experts at the horrific art of crucifixion.
So in a very literal sense, it was the Roman soldiers who
saw that He was dead.

God killed Jesus. For He so loved the world....  God knew
that only one path lay open to the salvation of His people,
to the eventual re-establishment of the bond between the
Creator and His creation. It was His gracious plan to
have His beloved die and rise again to Glory as the King
of all creation. He did it out if love.

I killed Jesus!  My selfish, prideful life of sin, lost for all
those years in darkness, placed that precious God-Man
on the cross. My every sin became His burden and He
willingly paid the ultimate price for those transgressions!


I have been forgiven my sins, and with that been forgiven
for His suffering. Without that death, without that cross,
without that resurrection, I would be dead in my sin, still.
What a glorious God we serve and love!

Praise Him!