Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What Does God Want?

Disclaimer:  This is a blog. I did not do an interview with God and I certainly am no
  expert on His thinking! I have read and am reading His word and other books and am
  blessed to be surrounded by a lot of God-loving folks. So, to a certain extent, I am 
  just expressing my feelings. I pray they are somewhat accurate.

Does God want to hold a prominent place in our hearts?
    NO! God wants to hold THE prominent place in our hearts and in our lives. He is,
after all, the one who created us. He knows us completely and loves us. He has given,
through His saving grace, an opportunity to belong to Him and to, one day, live in His
majestic presence. 

Does God expect us to be Holy?
   YES! He has told us that we are to be Holy. The problem, here, is that He is Holy, Holy,
Holy. We, on the other hand, strive to be righteous. It is a long journey we take with the
aid of His spirit, a journey where we are guided toward being more like Jesus. I believe
we never quite get there until we achieve sanctification in heaven.

What does God think about our sin?
   He loathes it! Can't get a whole lot more specific than that. He hates all sin. Unfortunately,
we are born into sin. We sin even when we strive not to do so because we are human. 
God, in a plan devised before the beginning of time, sacrificed His son on a cross and
loaded upon Him all of our sins: past, present and future. These sins were exchanged for
the righteousness of Christ Jesus. It's the only way sin could ever be forgiven. NOT accepted,
forgiven. That's the good news of the gospel of Christ.

Does God want is to be healthy and wealthy?
   God has a plan for our lives. He is in charge; we are not. He makes all things happen for His
good. This life of ours will have both good and bad times. We won't always be healthy; we 
won't necessarily have wealth, other than the wealth of knowing God as our father. He
has granted us sufficient grace to handle anything that we may encounter. He is with us
and loves us; we can lean upon Him to bring us through any and all obstacles we may
meet along the journey toward heaven. Won't it be wonderful to be in His presence
and learn all we have longed to know. 

God is GREAT!