Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Of course animals have souls!!

Love to be controversial. My question once was whether there would be animals in
heaven. Here's the way I see it. There certainly were animals in the creation, the garden
of Eden, and, if I am understanding Revelation, there are animals as the end times
draw to close...awesome horses ridden by celestial entities. So, I have decided to
believe that there will, indeed, be animals there.

So, what about the question of souls? Scripture declares that God has given to man
dominion over the creatures of this earth. I would suggest that this may be seen as
having stewardship over the fish, birds and animals He created. The fact that there
is an organization named the SPCA, would suggest that we haven't really done so
well with that stewardship. We have hunted some animals into extinction and done
a pretty fair job of messing up the balance of nature in a lot of ways. Top of the food
chain? Well that works if we hunt with weapons. Yet, standing in a zoo and just
looking at a large cat, like a tiger, leads me to believe that in places like the African
veldt, man might be running and hiding from lower food-chain creatures.

But what about the concept of a soul? I don't know of any scientific evidence
that "animals" have souls. Man is the only creature that is aware of his mortality!
I have seen plenty of examples of animals mourning the loss of a loving owner
or even the death of a fellow pet or animal. I know that when I look into the eyes
of my cat, Samantha, who has to be the orneriest feline on the planet, I see depth
there that leads me to believe that we tend to underestimate the intelligence and
feelings of animals.

So, do they have souls? Animals, I mean. Oh, wait...WE are animals! Like I
said, Of Course Animals have Souls!!!  Samantha says so!