Monday, October 28, 2013

He's Oh So Beautiful To Me

“He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to Him,
nothing in His appearance that we should desire Him.”   Isaiah 53: 4

What a prophetic set of verses is Isaiah 53. To me, it's one of the most remarkable set of verses in the Bible. Since there are no other verses that speak of the physical appearance
of Jesus, we are left with very little idea of what he actually looked like. He was a Jewish
man who, I have read it suggested, would not have stood out from the others who followed

The Renaissance painters set the stage for an artistic depiction of Jesus which has followed
through time which is probably not very accurate. What I have noticed in both the artistic
representations and the film portrayals is the representation of His eyes. I am going to go
out on a purely speculative limb and suggest that His eyes, being the eyes of the King of
the Universe, would have been striking to look into. Being God with all that that entails, 
being among mankind with its many problems and limitations and having an awareness
of His total walk on this earth, would create, I believe, a depth to those eyes; eyes filled with
compassion, love and an understanding of the needs of those He healed and taught.

Obviously the Transfiguration presented a different, amazing look at God's son. Peter, James
and John got a glimpse into the powerful beauty that Is Jesus. I'm surprised that Peter,
one who was rarely at a loss for words, could even speak. No plain, unremarkable
being was there; this was the God of all creation shining in brilliance before them.

So he may have been unremarkable in a physical sense, but that's where the adjective
"unremarkable" ends in talking about Jesus. The universe was created through Him. We
were created in His image. He, humbly, was born into poverty upon this earth with the
task of bringing the truth of the Gospel. He performed miracles well beyond the ones that
have been recorded in the pages of the gospels, and marched toward the brutal death that
would provide salvation for all who answered God's call and believed upon Him. His resurrection established and completed the covenant allowing sinful humans to 
be adopted, sins ransomed, into the family of the Living God. 

Absolutely REMARKABLE! Absolutely! Thank you beautiful Lord Jesus, thank YOU!