Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Wondrous Curse of Free Will

God's plan for this world included the concept of human free will. A creation that had
no free will brings to mind things like "The Borg," where resistance was "Futile!"  A creation that is controlled like a puppet show would surely not provide satisfaction. Although
mankind quickly fell into sin using free will , I would suggest that God foreknew this
as an eventuality as part of His plan for eventual salvation through the Lord Jesus

Nevertheless, free will creates all sorts of problems and dilemmas because we are
broken and susceptible to sinful wrong choices. If it is really free will, then I would
suppose that God does not control or predetermine what our choices will be. I do
believe that prayer and faith may lead to clarity of choice. I am sure that God does
not want or encourage us in any way to make choices that are sinful. The fact
that only one human being ever made all the right choices means that God is aware
of the pitfalls that come along with human free will. This world and the influence of
the great deceiver make choices difficult even if we have the best intentions.

God, nonetheless, has provided some safety nets. His word in His Holy Book offers
hope and direction through the lives of those within. The Holy Spirit within us
makes us aware, when we grieve Him, that we have reason to repent and pray for
guidance. Being in the presence of fellow Christians and the church provides 
encouragement and support when we need it and even when we, on our own, may
be unaware of a choice poorly made.

Of course, the most devastating and calamitous decision would be to reject the
gospel of Jesus Christ, a decision that would literally be eternally damning!

The greatest provision is the Gospel message of forgiveness, atonement and
love that asks us to accept the One who died on the cross to make us righteous
through His blood and acceptable to God. It was always part of the plan. We are
created beings blessed by the love and will of our holy God.