Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Perfect: for one day!

That's the challenge. Care to try? Here's some obligatory information before
the start:

1- God cannot accept even one sin because he is Holy
2- God, through loving GRACE, and the blood of His son, Jesus, has provided
     an opportunity to have our sins forgiven
3- Those forgiven sins include sins of the past, present and future
4- We must accept our need for redemption, repent and turn to our Lord Jesus
     in a lifetime relationship of the heart wherein He resides as out Savior and

Okay, those are some basic preliminaries. Now, the challenge. One full day,
from wake to sleep, of perfection...no sins. That would include sinful thoughts,
sinful words and sinful actions. 
After all, Jesus was able to do this for approximately 33 years. Okay, He may
have had some advantage in being fully God as well as fully man, but He
was perfectly without sin because He had to be.

I will confess that I'm just presenting this challenge with the full knowledge that
I have absolutely NO SHOT! In one of my previous blog entries I suggested that
I cannot make it from my door to the parking lot without sin. (keeping this
in the family frame, I will just hint at one of my personal problems...)

Poetry in Motion
Johnny Tillotson

..Poetry in motion,
  See her gentle sway,
  A way down by the ocean,
  Could never move that way.

Yep, it's a real problem, even when I try my hardest to have it not be.  But, I still
would challenge all to try.

Realistically, the goal, it seems to me, is to show appreciation for the GRACE given
through the loving-kindness of our Creator by making an attempt from the heart
to avoid sin, and when slippage occurs, to go to God, apologize, repent and move
onward. He loves us and knows we sin. We love Him by giving our all to be holy!