Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Take a Knee (s)

These titles are fun! Taking a knee can be an adventure for someone my age, 65.  
In a sports vernacular, it means purposely ending a play with the realization
that the eventual result of the competition had already been decided. For
we men, taking a knee, usually one, is sort of a common position, if you will,
for purposing marriage to a lady.

Prayer can also involve taking a knee, or two. There really aren't prescribed
ways that we must speak to God. Jesus presented his disciples with a prayer
format in The Lord's Prayer. It was a guide or sequence that contained the
components for a proper prayer to the Father. Different people pray in
different ways, at different times. The most important thing is to pray a lot,

I have found, and would recommend, getting down on both knees, wherever and 
whenever possible to commune with God the father. Yes, getting down and
managing to get back up can be challenging, but it seems to me that this
position of reverence, of supplication, of dependence sends a message that one
is very aware that God is above His creation and that the one in prayer
is glorifying and in a position to praise. I've never been one to think clearly
on my feet, anyway! 

I have the luxury of access to our church and can, therefore, find time 
during the day, to drive up and walk down the aisle to speak with my father
in heaven. It's quiet and calm so He can hear me, even if I am speaking in
reverent softness. It's just He and I. 

Try it if you haven't.... it's a wonderful communication, and you don't need
that cell phone!