Monday, September 23, 2013

Blessed Surveillance

Luke 12:7  But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.

Many folks have expressed concern about the government programs that
seem to be intruding into our lives. The NSA, the FBI, the CIA, TSA.. the list
goes on. Are our emails being flagged and shared with folks that we haven't
sent them to? Are there cameras everywhere that record our movements
here and there? (1984 reference) is Big Brother watching?

One obvious reaction to all of this is to lack concern if one's life is as
boring and simple as mine! We can always argue about whether or not
these types of interventions are necessary in today's world where
terrorism is a term we hear often.

Well, we ARE under surveillance!  The living God knows all! Because He
is omnipresent and omniscient, He is aware of everything at all times. 
Amazing, isn't it! The Bible tells us that His awareness of us, right down
to the hairs upon our heads (and there are fewer and fewer on this head)
is a loving, caring value that He places upon those He has created. Jesus
was assuring those He spoke to that God certainly valued even the
sparrows that fall from the sky. We, therefore, should not be worried.

So how do we feel about this constant surveillance? I am reminded
daily that God is fully aware of my sinful thoughts, words and actions.
This is a deterrent that guides and shapes my ways because, despite my
sinful nature, I desire NOT to disappoint God, the Spirit and Jesus, who
died for me. There's no hiding from His awareness of my life. He knows
my inner heart...reads me like a book, as it were.

God doesn't need to hack into my heart, doesn't need satellite imaging,
doesn't need a wire tap nor hidden cameras. He is right here and that,
in my opinion, is a good and comforting thing!

Praise His Holy name!