Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I purposely give my daughter, Olivia, a journal each holiday season because I, myself, never
took the time to write down events that happened along this 65 year journey."Depending
on my memory"has become a bit of a joke!

My career was as a classroom teacher. I spent thirty-four years teaching middle
school English in the Worthingon, Ohio school system. I wouldn't trade those years
for anything; they were filled with wonderful students, great teacher friends and
many many good memories.

I cannot name the date, month or year beyond saying that this moment of revelation
occurred some time in the middle of my career, and transformed me both as a person 
and a teacher. It's been too long to remember what I was teaching, but I CAN recall the
atmosphere or feeling in that moment that may have led to my epiphany.

It was one of those teaching moments when things were just going right! That room

was filled with a bunch of great young people who were following my every word and
movement. (I never did a lot of sitting while teaching!) For whatever the reason,
the moment just froze in time. Along with this extended moment came a realization.
A major realization. 

I was not just teaching some lesson on literature or grammar, I was standing in front
of God's souls, precious young people who were children of God, created lovingly
to be on this earth. And that wondrous God had given me the privilege to be the focus
of their attention. The moment passed; the lesson never left me.

Never underestimate the effect you have on those you love, those you encounter, those
you impact. I learned, at that moment, to respect and care for those young people to
the maximum of my ability. They were precious...they were human children...they were