Thursday, September 5, 2013

Atheism is a lie

One of the best parts of blogging is that one doesn't need to argue, just state an opinion.
I have never known or met an atheist. I have certainly spoken to people I would call

I simply do not believe that anyone, in the depth of his heart, can deny the existence of a
creator. Having been born in the image of He who created us, I contend that there is an inborn
desire to know God. Even someone who has never entered a church or picked up a Bible,
must "see" around them the design and beauty of a creator. It is this innate need to find God
that leads me to believe that an atheist is simply not telling himself the truth.

I'm skipping the ridiculous notion that our ancestors crawled out of a pond somewhere and
evolved into humans. Things do evolve but not cross-specie. Even on the days when I
wake up slowly and feel like slithering, I'm human and related to humans, only.

I'm perplexed that anyone could go through life feeling that there is no purpose, no meaning,
no hope, not future beyond this life. When such a person reaches his final moments, they may
state that they know no God, yet I am wondering if they, deep down, are searching and
praying, to themselves perhaps, that there is one.

Can people simply turn away, decide not to believe or place themselves in the position of'
God themselves? Yes, we are all able to reject God since He gave us free will. I wouldn't
suggest it! Nevertheless, I still believe that atheists are simply telling themselves a very
dangerous and ill-advised lie. I find this very sad, indeed.

God is the reason we live this life; praise Him and glorify Him with your lives!