Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The TRINITY at The Shack

This is an interesting combination, eh? Probably one of the most difficult concepts for we humans to attempt to understand is the notion of the Trinity, and one of the most 
controversial manifestations of that concept is revealed in the book, The Shack. 
One God in three persons... Christianity may be monotheistic, but this makes things,
If you haven't read the book, a man trying to recover from the tragic kidnapping
and murder of his youngest daughter, is beckoned by a mysterious note
back to the very location where his daughter was killed. The
fact that the note is signed, papa, plays a part in his decision to return since his
wife refers to God in this manner.
Long story short, he is met after a transformation of the location from winter to
spring, by God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. The presentation of these three persons
in one God is what many find problematic or worse. God is pictured as a large,
black woman, Jesus as a plain-looking middle eastern handyman and the Spirit as
a shimmering entity that comes and goes. The story never suggests that Father God
is female in gender, only that this manifestation will help this grieving father as he
attempts to come to terms with a world where tragic things happen.
The interaction among these three God components is very interesting and, to me,
rather refreshing.  Their purpose is to guide the father through a process that allows
him to understand sorrow, grief and God's love for him, his daughter and us all.
Personally, I feel this book, that became a sensation, could be considered a success
if it allowed people to spend some time thinking about the tri-une nature of God,
the love that He has for those He created and the realization that He is in control of
all things at all times. 
Sounds like a book report...but if you haven't read this book, you might enjoy it.