Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I'll take "perfection" for $100, Alex

I appear almost daily at a local McDonalds for coffee and morning
paper. I try to avoid the food when I can.

There are a few folks who also frequent this restaurant in north
Texas, and I would describe them as conservative, Republican and
Texan, to the core. Most of the conversation, centered around Fox
News on the TV monitor, is such that I just keep quiet and read my
Columbus Dispatch on the Kindle.

One morning, it was announced that the current governor of Texas,
who I would also describe as a real Texan, had decided that he would
not run for re-election. This, apparently, was met with some consternation
by the group and the following conversation ensued....

Texan: Well I don't blame him for not running!

Texan 2: My neither! Why some folks seem to think he's way too
left and some not conservative enough.

Texan 1: Yes, it's as if people expect him to be perfect!

Texan 3: Yes and we all know that No one is perfect!

Well, at this point, because I saw an excellent opportunity to raise the
level of this conversation, a bit, I said...

Tom: Well, there was, of  course, one person who walked this earth
who was fully perfect, always.


Texas 2: (After a protracted silence...)  Oh, that's right... Ronald Reagan!!!

Tom: Ah.... I was thinking of our Lord Jesus Christ.


That's why I usually remain quiet!