Monday, July 28, 2014

Your Personalized God of the Universe!

Better start with a disclaimer, here. This is not a God that you may create to fit your image of what God should be. God is not subject to anyone's personal needs or design; His glorious attributes were always His and will always be so. He is not in need of re-development or anything else because He is Holy, unlike any other. His word is truth, His promises always kept, His knowledge unlimited, His love unchanging and pure. He is everywhere at all times, His capabilities know no bounds. He is worthy of praise and glorification just by being God. He is sovereign.

I called Him your personalized God because He knows you, His creation, personally. In fact He knows you better than you know yourself. He formed you from in the womb and to this day knows the number of hairs on your head. He knows every tear that falls and why, He knows your very thoughts and words before they are formed or spoken, He is aware of your life's path and fully capable of leading that life path to conform to His purposes. You can hide nothing from Him, no sin goes unnoticed. He knows the answer to every question. He has the solution to every problem.
He knows your cares, your dreams and your weaknesses. yet, He loves you unconditionally.

This personalized God listens to you. You can go to the very God of the Universe, responsible for the billions of stars in the galaxies, the very intricacies of the smallest necessary elements of life, one equally tuned in to every one of His created and He will hear your words and respond to them. He woos and pursues you because of His great love for a creation that has been tainted but never discarded. Yes, He is big and we are so small, but His grace and love show that this size difference does not matter!

He has provided, at a great personal cost, one way to salvation and forgiveness. He has sent the message loud and clearly that one must trust Lord Jesus Christ as savior, repent and love God with heart, mind and soul. He loves and cares for you because you are His. He would not lose you because He is a gracious, forgiving God.

Praise Him!