Saturday, July 19, 2014

Olivia Suzanne is 27!

What a sweet privilege it is to write this blog about my precious daughter, Olivia! Even though the titles and topics, heretofore, have all been Christian, in nature, this one fits quite nicely for, without the grace of God, I wouldn't be able to write about the wonderful gift of my daughter. 

She is, after all, a child of God, wife to Matthew Moore, God-willing a mother-to-be and, quite literally, the best thing that has ever happened to me! 

I am writing this on the day before her actual birthday since I have access to a computer
lab. On the real day of her birth, I still remember, vividly, many things.  Holding her for the first time, obviously, is right there among my most cherished memories. It was one of the hottest summer nights I can ever remember in the Columbus, Ohio area, the place I had
lived for the majority of my life. I left St. Ann's hospital at about 4am, and it was just
beastly hot, and I've now lived where it is often beastly hot. Despite the early hour I remember just being so wide awake, having gone through the easy part of a many-houred
labor process. I remember needing to prop Olivia between two small pillows as she was
just so very tiny.

She was such a wonderful baby. Not much fussing, ever. That baby Olivia quickly turned
into a little girl that would steal your heart with a smile. There are simply too many 
memories to even begin listing them; yet, they are securely stashed away to be
fondly recollected. It is my belief that these memories remain with us into eternity,
never to be forgotten. 

Just like in any other child's life, there have been some tough times. Olivia has
always handled them with such class and understanding. Luckily, she has been
quick to forgive. She is a sparkly person; someone who just sparkles from within with
a presence that delights. I know a few, taught quite a few and am blessed to be father
to one.

Many who read this have not met her, so I will just tell you that she is a true friend, a cherished daughter and a lover of Jesus Christ. No wonder I am such a blessed father. Thank you God for Olivia. Thank you, Olivia, for all you have done in my life. You will forever be cherished and loved. Forever!!!!