Saturday, July 5, 2014

From briefest moment to eternity

to me
Time is certainly fascinating! One thing that strikes me as an older fellow is how my own perception of time has changed over the years. It's as if time speeds up the older we become. Remember when you were a child how summer seemed almost endless? Remember how driving trips seemed to last and last until one day you realized how very short they really were?

Well scripture suggests that God is not burdened or limited by time. One day is likened to a thousand years in our time perception. I have read a quote that suggests that...all time and space is laid out before the face of God. This would mean that He is capable of seeing time in its entirety; from beginning to end and all that is in between. This ties in with His omnipresence and omniscience.

Our time here on earth is likened to a vapor. We are here so very briefly and then home, again. This brings to mind the realization that we are, therefore, somewhere else for eternity. My apologies to the nihilists out there.

In one amazingly crucial and blessed moment, if we ask with all our heart to belong to Jesus Christ, to believe on Him, and trust in Him.... we can be assured that for time eternal we will live in the presence of God instead of the absence of Glory. One small moment in the baptismal or on our knees in a quiet place can bring purpose, hope and blessings beyond our ability to comprehend.

Grasp that moment, won't you. Do not wait because there may be a time when that moment of deliverance disappears. Do it for yourself, those you love, and most importantly, for our Lord and King, Jesus. He is waiting to hear your prayers!

Praise God!