Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Yes, Virginia, the Bible is the Inerrant word of God!

All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness,  2 Timothy 3: 16

Just heard the awesome news that a cherished friend is in Christ! Now that's a wonderful present! He suggested that I read a book by Marcus J. Borg, entitled The Heart of Christianity. I'd suggest you try the book, also. It is, in part, a look at two paradigms, a
traditional view of Christianity and a more modern approach. I believe he presents both
fairly and allows the reader to examine some of the ways things seem to be changing in the
Christian church.

One of the things brought up is the whole debate over whether the Bible is the word of God.
I find this to be something frequently brought up by those who are digging as hard as possible for ways to reject Christianity. Being less than a good apologist, I can only come
up with one set of reasons why I believe it to be so.

But don't you know that the Bible was actually written by men?

Yes I do. Poor Moses would have gotten very very tired had he had to carry all those stone 
tablets down that mountain. Men, obviously, were the writers. Your point is......

And don't forget that the Bible was translated into different languages. Surely their
were changes in the process!

Indeed from Hebrew to Greek to Latin... etc. Thank God that the Bible is available in so many different languages today. Your point is.......

But in the passing down and eventually the copying, surely there must have been
changes, omissions, etc.

I cannot even write a sentence, usually without a mistake or correction. Your point being.....

Oh, I see. You are saying that the Bible, through all these processes, probably changed and is, therefore, not the word of God and, thus, not believable. You must mean that the God of the Universe was incapable of seeing to it that the Bible, through the ages, remained inerrant and the truth.

Let me make a list of the things that God if incapable of doing....


The list is an empty set! God is capable of anything He sets out to accomplish. If God
breathed out the Bible through the helping guidance of the Holy Spirit into the hands of
those who developed it, that's what He was able to do.... because He is God.

Did you ever take a moment to think about all of the events, people and circumstances that had to fall into perfect order leading up to the stone being rolled away and Christ Jesus being raised? God, unable to do His will?

No glorious way! Praise our God!