Tuesday, May 20, 2014

You have a bucket list? Really?

Romans 8:28 - And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to [his] purpose.

I really get a 'kick' out of bucket lists! Well, in a manner of speaking, one thing that
truly can be assured is that all will eventually...kick the bucket. Yet what manner
of pride could possibly make someone create a list of things 'they' want to accomplish
in this lifetime? Who can pre-plan the will of God as He calls into play His plan for
our lives? 

How can he possibly be in charge of one life when there are so many people on this
earth? Well, He is pretty decent at multi-tasking. He knows the name of every
star in every galaxy, he numbers the hairs on our heads and is well aware of any
creature that is currently alive or has ever been. 

I see nothing so wrong with having wishes or goals, of choosing events that one would
be very grateful for if they were to happen, of even praying for the inclusion of
certain blessings should they be God's will...but... we cannot accomplish anything
without His guidance and direction. We, quite frankly, couldn't even get out of bed
any morning without God's provision maintaining a whole bunch of body mechanisms
that help our heart, muscles and everything else that allows us to get moving.

Here's what I would humbly suggest... put that bucket list away somewhere. You
could bury it in a time capsule in the yard to be exhumed later as a comparison to
those things that have happened since its burial. Create a TYL list, that's Thank
You Lord, and thank and praise Him each and every time you become aware
of His provision and blessing in your life. 

I'm guessing that would very quickly become a long list. The great thing is that we
really aren't even aware, many times, of His glorious workings in our lives. Some
of us are too busy creating those bucket lists. Some of us just need to realize that we
are not in charge of anything. We are creatures; God is the creator and He is
always in charge.

Thank you, Lord God!