Thursday, May 15, 2014

Go ahead and dunk that toe!

“And He said to them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.’”  Mark 15: 16

Ah evangelism... it's a toughie!  We all desire to see our fellow man bathed in the
glorious light of association with Jesus. We all do not relish in the fact that those who
do not know Him will perish to everlasting darkness without God... and that's a 
terminal sentence.

Yet it really is most difficult to really pick those moments when God presents
opportunities to share the love of and trust in Christ Jesus.

Well, having been allergic to physics my entire educational life, I do understand,
at a rudimentary level, what happens with a body of water when one places a
toe into its surface. It's the ripple effect and it's quite fun to watch and admire.
That initial plop of the toe creates a series of 'waves,' if you will, that carry way
on out for awhile.

Evangelism is, in many respects, just like that. I am currently batting zero, that's
a whopping 0 for 2, when it comes to 'projects,' folks I sincerely want to come to an
understanding of our Lord. I was encouraged, one evening, when, upon sharing my
sadness over my 'evangelist batting average,' I was assured that many times we
never find out what our small efforts yield, when it comes to sharing Jesus.

That smile one shares with someone on the street, that little act of kindness that
may seem insignificant when done, that encouragement we share with someone
in the name of and to the glory of our Lord Jesus may eventually turn into a
movement in the right direction in the lives of those out there on the edges
of the ripple we have started.

Just think what a cannon-ball might accomplish...  Yet, I am thinking that sometimes
a subtle, toe drenching effort may very well be the one God encourages when
we reach out to someone.

Take off those shoes. Submerge that pinky. Do it for Jesus and do it for one of
His created!

Praise God.