Sunday, May 18, 2014

So..How Great Art Thou?

Then sings my soul, My Saviour God, to Thee,
How great Thou art, How great Thou art.

It's a tough thing to try and describe an entity that is totally different from us. First
of all language is automatically limiting; there just aren't words capable of depicting many
aspects of a glorious God of the Universe. I've just run into a new author, who I
really enjoy and would recommend, and I'm going to borrow a few passages from
his book, Untamable God. Stephen Altrogge is the name of the author; he's written
several books, of which I have totally enjoyed two.

From: Untamable God
"The reality is, we will never understand the profound depths of God's love for us until
we first understand the profound depths of our own wickedness. If, like me, you grew up
in a church, this can be tough to grasp. I don't have a crazy testimony. I wasn't addicted to
meth at the age of twelve. I was never in a gang. I didn't grow up in the projects. I never
got involved in really serious, awful sin. I was the kid who won all the bible quizzes in
Sunday school. I was a nice, generally polite, middle-class kid. But prior to God saving me,
my heart was full of wickedness.

"We need to be regularly reminded we are creatures. Remembering our creatureliness should have two wonderful effects on us. First, it should humble us. We're not as awesome
as we thought. We do not chart our own destiny. We do not exist independently. We are
created beings who are sustained every moment by our Creator. Every talent and ability we
possess is a gift from God to be used for God. Can you breathe? That is a gift. Can you walk?
That is a gift. Can you play the piano? Gift. Hit a baseball? Gift. Preach? Gift. Weld? Gift.
Organize data? Gift. If God were to stop sustaining you for a second, you would dissolve
into nothingness. Our existence, and every wonderful things that comes with it, are all gifts 
from our creator.

"A million different  incredibly intricate things are happening simultaneously in your body
right now. Blood is being rushed throughout your body. Stop that flow for more that a
few minutes and you will die. Increase that flow just a bit and you'll have a brain aneurysm,
also causing you to die. Your eyes receive a thousand different impulses every second, which
are then carried along your optic nerve to your brain, which somehow manages to make
sense our of the jumbled mess. Every second of your life is a performance of epic
proportions. And this performance is not just happening in you. The same
extravagant circus is repeating itself again and again in billions of people around the
world. A production of this magnitude must have a Ringmaster of infinite capability.
You and I would be crushed by the sole task of maintaining our heartbeat. ....He is the
creator and we are the creation.

So... you begin to get the picture thanks to Stephen. the book goes on to present many
additional looks into the glorious workings of a God that is far too Holy for us to
conceptualize. Despite these amazing attributes beyond our ability to fully comprehend,
He developed a covenant within the Trinity that would reach out to we sinners
and offer the real hope of salvation.

What a great and glorious God!

Stephen Altrogge   Untamable God