Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Why John 3:16?

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3: 16

My first experience with John 3: 16 happened at a time when I would have had no clue who
John was! I used to watch Monday Night Football 'religiously,' and the cameras always found
a moment to pan onto a weird frizzy-haired dude holding up a poster board with John 3:16
written upon it. I paid a lot  more attention to the weird guy than to the bible verse being

Yet, if someone had turned to me and said, "Complete this phrase..." Yep, I probably would
have been able to finish pretty accurately the words that followed.. For God so loved the world.....! 

I have listened to Christians be almost apologetic about the common use and recognition of
these words. I'm guessing that they worry about people thinking that God is just about love,
leaving out all the other important aspects and qualities that we know about Him. So why
is this verse so universally recognized?

It does roll of the tongue rather easily, doesn't it? Being a person who is allergic to memorization, this is one I find easy to remember. More importantly, I believe
that it is no accident that this verse comes to mind in all people. I believe it is 
evangelistic, that it is meant to be that one verse that sticks out even among those who
are currently lost.

Why? Well consider the implications here. God did what the word amazing cannot even
begin to capture. He purposely sacrificed His son, precious to Him as evidenced by many
scriptures, to a painful, grotesque series of events, turned His back upon Him when He
could simply not look upon the accumulation of sins that weren't even His and sent
Him to death. Did He have to do this? Did, in fact, Jesus have to accept this cup and 
lower Himself to being hanged on a tree outside of the city as a criminal? 

If there is one concept that would summarize the glory of both the Father and His
loving Son, it would be wrapped up in the fact that this act of sacrifice was simply the
only solution to the acceptance of sinful man by a Holy God. 

So, yes, I say celebrate John 3:16! Begin each and every day quoting it to your ears
and heart so that you can praise and thank God, the trinity, for creating the miracle of