Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thy will be done....really?

Matthew 6: 9-13

The Lord's prayer, a model prayer, is one I am intimately familiar with, having
used this prayer when I was nothing more than a check-the-box christian (lower
case on purpose.) I found it easy to remember and adequate for situations when a
prayer seemed necessary. I even thought, once I began to learn a bit about Christ,
that it was sufficient because God already knew what I needed. So to me, there
are inherent dangers in using this prayer.

That being said, it is a wonderfully complete formula for praying for those who
really do wish to honor God, a prayer taught by my beloved savior that He used
as a teaching tool. I do not believe that it takes the place of personal prayer with
God where one speaks his heart and communicates with the One true living God.

The line in the title of this blog is very very interesting. Thy Will Be Done. That
is such an easy concept to swallow when the will of God seems to line up with
the will of His creature. When things are going well, when there are no hovering
dark clouds, it is indeed an honest expression of support, if you will, for
God's plan, an unchangeable sovereign plan that must and will be fulfilled.

But....what happens when the will of God brings troubles...and troubles will come,
it is inevitable.  Rich Mullins sings 'There's bound to come some troubles in
your life...' and struggle, sadness, illness and death are part of life and, therefore,
part of God's plan for each of His creatures. Do we still have the faith to state
that His will be done? 

I have been blessed with a life that has certainly seen some troubles especially
when I thought I had the keys to the car and was in charge of things. When
it all went south, I never attributed things to the will of God, in fact, I didn't
even know God; yet, I was certainly willing to shout at God and blame Him for
things. I believe that only when one is in Christ, when one understands
who is in charge, when one can take comfort in the realization that He is
in charge, loves you and knows what is best for you, can one really state
with absolute sincerity that God's will be done. I thank my God that I have
accepted Jesus as my savior, and I pray that when things REALLY
turn bleak, and, of course, they will, I can find rest, comfort and confidence
in His will and look forward to being in His presence for eternity.

Yes, God, Your will done for it is true, right and just!
Praise God!