Tuesday, July 14, 2015

To glorify God....

One doesn't need a Westminster Catechism to understand that we are here, thanks
to a Creator, with a purpose. That purpose is to glorify and enjoy God. So, I
was thinking, how in the world are we to glorify He who IS glory? 

Does He need our glorification? No. Can we, in any way, add a measure to
His glory? No. IN fact, the glory of God and our glorifying Him aren't even
on the same plane; yet, we are taught that this is our purpose. So, here goes....

1) We can acknowledge Him
  I don't know about you, but until recently, it was not at all unusual for me to
simply forget God on a day to day basis. Sounds horrible doesn't it! Yet, some of
us are simply so busy just trying to get by with a ton of responsibilities and
a clock that seems to tick faster as we have more on our plate. I am pretty
certain that God deserves and expects to be a part of our conscious existence
much more than some of us manage. This acknowledgment actually ties
in nicely with the next suggestion...

2)Talk with God
  I purposely did not type talk to God because this really should be always
considered a two-sided conversation. Why? Well because God knows our
ideas, thoughts, plans, etc. and He is in control of our life's path. He isn't
going to be surprised at anything emanating from creatures that belong to
Him. It's a conversation with Someone who is listening!  He is omniscient
and omnipresent. He doesn't need time off, even when it comes to being
an active part of who you are.

3)Pray.... A LOT!
   This is something I had to learn and am still learning. Prayer isn't the
same as a convo. Prayer is a praise, a confession, a chance to come before
a Holy God in a more formal way. It isn't always a wish list, and shouldn't
be. It is often just a thank you but always an acknowledgment of our
understanding of what has been done for us through the planned work
of Jesus Christ on a cross to provide access and propitiation for our sins.
I do this on my knees whenever I can; it says humility and dependence.
God has asked us to pray to Him. Often, we bring our sins to Him, even
though He is aware of them, because in doing so, we can feel that we
have shown an important first step along the way to battling them.

4) Love Him!

  He IS love! He invented love. His forgiveness and care shout love, even
for we who are sinners and undeserving. His love is unconditional; ours
not. But we can try and it is amazing how ones love for God just seems to
grow with each passing day. Can you say sanctification!

Praise our loving God!