Friday, July 24, 2015

big FATHER IS watching!

The books that we were required to read, as students, long ago in high school,
came very close to ending my reading career! In fact, I was convinced that one of
the criteria for choice must have been books that would guarantee students who
wouldn't read another. One I remember most vividly was 1984, which coined
the term, Big Brother.

It was a look into a future where there was no privacy; someone watching your
every move, sort of an Edward Snowdon thing from the past. Well, it was all very
creepy at the time and, now, seems almost humorous in light of the world in which
we live. Privacy? C'mon, now. When we e-mail something, when we park at a mall,
when we fill out medical information.... there really isn't anything or any place where
we can reasonably expect to be in privacy, it has become an accepted part of being
alive in our times.

So...where is this blog going? It started when I realized that as I am sitting in
church each Sunday doing my best to concentrate on glorifying my God and
not paying too much attention to my granddaughter, GOD is there, also. That's
right, GOD. He's omnipresent, you know, and he has promised to be anywhere 
where two or more are gathered in His name. Wow. That means He has to listen
to my off-key singing, witness my difficulty, at times, staying awake during the
sermons and 'hearing' my mind wander like someone with a serious case 
of ADHD!

That presence also has a rather important impact on sin, as well. Those tiny
sins that no one really sees because they aren't there... oops. Someone, a very
special someone who really hates ALL sin, is right there. You cannot hide, ever.
That should be a tremendous incentive, even better than your mother finding
something out about you, to not stray, to not disappoint, to live a life
according to the law that God has placed upon your heart. It's your
conscience on steroids!

Privacy is not just over-rated, it's not possible. IN a very real way, I think
that works for our good. Remember, big FATHER, who loves you, is watching!

Praise God!