Thursday, July 23, 2015

The "Expensive" side of "Free Will"

It's another of those topics that bring debate, and it's a term that really doesn't
show up, per se, in Scripture; yet, it is an understood aspect of what God has
given to His creatures.. we have the ability to make our own decisions and  follow
our own paths. An existence with No free will would be akin to being on marionette
strings, completely controlled by God in our actions and decisions. It can be argued that God, Himself, would not find enjoyment in such a scenario.

Man's natural tendencies, however, do not point toward necessary success when it
comes to making decisions, particularly eternal ones. We have a natural inclination to
run away from God, to want no part of giving up 'control' of our lives, and, of course,
we are born into sin. Those two characteristics would make a prediction of choosing
wisely a bit of a stretch. That creates an issue when we are talking about choosing to
accept God and give our lives to Christ, the one and only path to sanctification, redemption
and eternity in the New Earth and the New Heaven.

We know that God woos. He, through His love and compassion for His creatures, 
reaches out to us. He is the initiator, He begins the process of drawing us in, of
writing His law and His existence into our hearts. From there, in some measure, we
have to accept and that is a MAJOR decision. Does He only woo those who He
already knows will accept or who He has accepted or does He simply intervene in
the "choice" process to ensure the result He has determined since the dawn of
creation, names written in the Book of Life, written on the hand of His beloved?

Know this, it is possible for we humans to reject God, in fact, if you have tried to share
things about the gospel message with those around you, you have discovered
that people build impenetrable walls of resistance, even refuse to accept the
most amazing 'free' gift ever given, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ
as a substitute for the wrath that we deserve. Could anyone turn down the only
feasible way to being saved, the only way to avoid an eternity away from the Father
who created them? Oh Yes, unfortunately, oh yes.

It may be 'free" will, but it is dangerously expensive!

Praise God!