Thursday, January 23, 2014

Not so much...anymore

2 Cor 5: 17  Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.

One of the most wonderful things that can happen to a person associated with Jesus
is change. These changes aren't necessarily sudden, some may not even recognize, at
first, that they are happening or progressing..but they are. They are changes that are
being done to us, not by us, so as in our salvation, we are not responsible or 
capable of making these changes on our own. It's a passive thing, meaning something
being done to us almost in spite of ourselves.

I read, somewhere, that really looking into oneself and assessing is a bit like looking
into a fun-house mirror; we aren't really accurate at self-assessment so others may be
more aware of these new changes than we are.

These changes are ones that are being enacted by the Holy Spirit in a process called
sanctification, bringing us more in line with the likeness of Jesus Christ, our Lord. It's a
goal, a challenge that, in my opinion, is not finished during our lifetimes. No one can
be like Jesus, no one ever was or will be. Yet, we are changing, thanks be to God, in ways
that make us more like the humans we were actually created to be.

Depending on who one is, these changes may not look the same. One change that probably
runs across the board is recognition of sin. No more excuses. No more ignorance when
we do something sinful...we are convicted immediately by the Holy Spirit. Along with the
recognition is the sudden desire to avoid, to repent, to turn away to not repeat. We
also become more aware of the frequency of our sin. 

I am far less prone to emotional bursts... anger, jealousy, envy. My old road rage
has fizzled, for the most part. I find myself shocked when a curse word even enters my
mind, let alone exits my mouth. I am more patient, though this is one that I must
continue to pray about. 

I worry less; I don't have expectations that I must run things. I understand that I am
not in charge. I find it easier and more natural to pray. I take great joy in worshiping
God in song and word. I find it comforting and inspiring to read God's word. I enjoy the
people at church and want what is best for them.

More than these, I have a deep love for God, the trinity. I want to learn as much as
I may about Him and increase the quality of my relationship with Him.

Yes, lots of changes. Beneficial ones. Ones that I am blessed to understand are
happening to me. I need them!!! I appreciate them! God be praised!