Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A New Heaven and a New Earth

I suppose one could generalize and state that anytime something is redone or done over
it frequently results in something better. 

When God was done creating at the end of the sixth day, he declared that what had been
created was Good. If God says it was good and it pleased Him, I am thinking that there
isn't much room for questioning that. Of course the problem is that evil and sin crept
into this world and it was spoiled. That moment began a cycle toward eventual judgement
upon this world which will take place on that final day when the Lord returns to
claim His creation. All will be judged and all evil and sin will be removed.

Revelation discusses a New Heaven and a New Earth where God once again dwells with
His people as their God. There are descriptive passages from John's visions that may or
may not be symbolic or metaphorical, but I believe all can be certain that God will once
again create something new and Good.

This is where it is fun to imagine what that place would be like. When I look at the
many glorious and beautiful things about this fallen world that proclaim the creative hand
of God, I am amazed. I am a sun lover. (a son lover, as well!) Sunrises, sunsets, warm
sunshine that seems to immediately nourish the soul, I cannot get enough of that star.
The seasons, the weather, the stars at night, the sounds the emanate from nature,
the breeze, the sea and water in general...you get the picture. And speaking of pictures,
can you just imagine being able to take a good camera anywhere in this beautiful
world and shoot pictures? New Zealand comes to mind, immediately. 

Well I just have a feeling that the New Heaven and the New Earth will be exponentially
more breathtaking and wonderful. When we die, fall asleep and are reborn into a
resurrected body, we will inhabit such a place in the very presence of our Lord, Jesus
Christ. We know what will not be there: sin, sadness, death, tears, fear, loneliness...
so we can all just wait, anxiously and with great hope for the chance to open our
eyes onto a new and glorious existence. Worth the wait. 

What a remarkable reason to share the gospel of our Lord, His way, the only way,
to the Father. We do not want anyone to miss the curtain rise on this new, glorious
place. Praise God!