Friday, January 10, 2014

God's Providential Deliverances

Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him. Matthew 6: 8

In his book, Praying Backwards, Bryan Chapell makes the statement that All time and
space exist before the face of God. Isn't that fascinating to try and comprehend? In
essence, it means that He can see and work out events throughout time, simultaneously
because He is God. 

Well we cannot have it both ways. We either look at our lives, the events that occur,
the people we meet and love, our individual life story and chalk it up to fate, karma,
coincidence, haphazardness... stuff just happens... OR.. we realize that there is a purpose
and reason behind all the things that occur. God is sovereign. That means that He is
in charge and in control of all things past, present and future.

All of us, I am sure, can look back at past events that just happened a certain way and
realize that, above and beyond our own individual efforts to see things done our way or
to control outcomes, things happen as if they were meant to happen or the way they
needed to for results to work out. Not that everything works out the way we wish. Yet,
we see God working to bring His outcomes.

Chapell also points out that there are providential "deliverances" that we are simply
not aware of.  Things happen to us and around us that may affect our safety, our
jobs, our relationships that go on outside of our realization they are occurring.  God is
simply doing what He and only He can do. He is affecting the world He created in
His ways according to His plan. We can go to Him, humbly, in the name of His Son and
petition Him with our desires, our problems and our hopes. He has called upon us to
do this. Yet we must remember, above all, that it is His will that must be done, not our

We are His children so He knows us like no one else can. He is aware, always, of our
circumstances and our needs. It is desire to do what is best for us.. and He always will
because He is our God!