Monday, December 5, 2016

The word became flesh....

..and made His dwelling among us!
John 1: 14

Let every heart prepare Him room....

Tabernacle is one of my favorite words to say. In the King James version of the above verse,
it states that God tabernacled among us. It is to say that God, originally in the wilderness with the Jews, was said to dwell in a large tent that sat at the very center of those who had been freed from bondage in Egypt. 

In this verse, John is saying that Jesus, God Himself, came into this dark world full of light and life and chose to dwell among His created. He certainly came in unusual and modest circumstances on a mission to save His people, His church to be, from God's Holy wrath. He had chosen, from before time, to come for one purpose. To live out the gospel message and be our only and best look at the very attributes of God, Himself.

He was despised, his message was not well received and, in God's chosen time, He was willing to lay down His very life to achieve God's loving purpose,  a propitiation for sins that God could not tolerate. A payment that removed once for all the barrier between God and His created.

Well, He left us to return to the Glory He had known; yet, as He promised, He sent His spirit back into the world. For those born of water and the spirit, God has, once again, tabernacled- this time, within His people. Just as Jesus promised to go and prepare a room for those He would eventually call to Himself, we have a room prepared with us for this wonderful Spirit who lives within those who believe, always busy working to change us more and more into the image of our beloved Savior. 

This is the true Christmas story, this is the great Christmas gift, this is the true meaning of Christmas: Christ's birth and rebirth into our very hearts. Joy to the world, indeed. A King born in a manger. A plan that would not be changed. A God who loves beyond out wildest imagination.

Praise this God!!!