Friday, December 30, 2016

Don't have to be the Great Commissioner!

We are called to go out into the world and spread the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In a way, it's a daunting mission in a world that increasingly looks at Christianity and religion, in general, from a more secular viewpoint. People who have spent much time erecting barriers and walls often do not wish to be approached; sometimes they can be rude and argumentative.

My own record at converting others is very very poor. I could not point to one person that has come to the Lord directly as a result of my testimony or discussions we have had about salvation.

The good news (other good news!) is that we don't really have to hit a home run when we talk to others about God's Gospel of forgiveness. We are not, after all, the agent of conversion; that's God's job. We are reflections of His glory, salt and light if we are living our lives in the Spirit, people who have been regenerated, yet people who still struggle with our own sin and occasional doubt.

Each of us has been granted certain gifts translating into certain approaches to the task of sharing the light of God with others. Having been a career teacher of English, I have used these blogs to share ideas and expressions about how I see God and His abundant love. Have I been successful, through these writings, in at least causing folks to think about things, I pray so.

I have been sharing Christian quotes, now, for years with anyone interested in reading what some very very intelligent and influential folks have to say about God and His created. I, personally, learn a lot from these brief, but often powerful, ideas.

It's all about ripples. It may be the case that many of us have done little things, used by God, to help begin the process of bringing people to saving faith. We may actually be touching many souls with whom we have no personal contact at all; yet, in little things that we do and say, God can use us because He is powerful to save and love.

So chin up! Just do what you do and let God take care of the real work. He's pretty good at what He does!

Praise our God!