Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Merry Christmas.. every day!

It came and went again, very very quickly. All the preparations, planning and opening come and go so fast that it amazes! I hope and pray that your Christmas was Christ-centered and that amidst that framework, you enjoyed family, friends, food and all the other aspects that make this a day which most people anticipate.

I find Christmas magical. It's easy, as a child, to be so excited about opening gifts on Christmas morning, and I can still remember my daughter, Olivia, coming down the stairs with a look of wonderment in her young eyes that reflected the lights on the tree. It has become, for me, even more magical as I have become aware in my heart of the real gift that came down from heaven in a most amazing way, a helpless child, King of the Universe, Christ Jesus among us.

God, in essence, sent God as a tiny baby boy, to save the world from, yes, God. Takes a moment to try to grasp that, doesn't it. A baby born in an animal shelter amidst all the things that one would find in such a place, an event unknown to many who were alive at that time. A plan that surely indicates the sovereignty of God as this child, totally helpless, would grow and walk this earth for thirty-three years only to die for all the sins of the world, providing a way to bring mankind into a relationship with a God who can tolerate no sin.
Incredible isn't even adequate to put this into words.

So, my question is this? Why limit, in our hearts, one day in December to celebrate what God has done. Where would we be without this incredible birth, a one-rime event, never to be repeated? What would have been our hope, our purpose, our eternal future without the birth of Jesus? 

I really do not need all the trappings each and very day. I am very satisfied to join in the feelings and smiles that I associate with Christmas Day; yet, I can easily awake each morning with the realization that once, on a star-lit night, probably not in December, God sent His
beloved Son on a mission that would end in painful suffering, yet bring our only hope to a world that is dark and full of sin. 

Join me, won't you? In your own heart, celebrate this magical birth with thanksgiving and awe. Re-visit, frequently, the accounts in Luke and Matthew of this day of days. Let your mind travel forward to the cross and all that it means to each soul. Merry Christmas, indeed,
each and every day!
Praise our God!