Friday, June 3, 2016

There can't be more than one TRUTH!

Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

There are many people who struggle with someone claiming to know the truth. It is
a fact that our culture is rampant with 'truths,' each person claiming their own
truth. Relativism is the belief that everyone is entitled to have their own version of
the truth, reality, even what is right and wrong.

Well, I don't agree for one major reason. If there are a number of versions of the
truth, than there can be no truth. If there is no truth, then we are all in a big heap of

The basic push-back to the claims of Jesus is that we Americans are steeped in independence. We, quite frankly, do not want anyone, even Jesus Christ, declaring to us what is true. We will decide what we are comfortable with as far as truth is concerned. Statistics would show that fewer Americans are attending churches despite that fact that many would label themselves, Christians.

Jesus Christ is a historical figure that walked this earth with a message of hope
and reconciliation for sinners, that would be all of us, to a God who created us and
loves us. Does that mean that all will hear His message, that all will respond to His
message with repentance and faith? No. Does it mean that anyone whose heart is
called by a long-suffering God to a softening and a yearning for membership in
God's church family will be accepted? I believe it does.

So there is an independence, if you will, to consider this truth. Believing it requires
some study, some intelligent searching of scripture, some prayer and a willingness to
be open to the greatest calling ever given to mankind. Are we capable of being good
enough to earn our way into heaven? No. Are there a myriad number of ways to
protect our souls for eternity? Well, not according to the scripture above. 

For those of you simply not interested in considering Jesus, I will pray for you
and ask God to open your hearts. Independence does not provide a pathway to what
is truth. Driving our own bus through life will result in an unprotected soul.
One out of one dies. There is but one truth. May I pray that you will head in the
direction of the love of the Lord Jesus Christ, sooner rather than later

Praise our God!